The Best Jailbreak Apps

Welcome to the jailbreaking world! If you’ve already jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the next thing you have to do is research about the jailbreak apps. Yes, you’ve come to the right place. We provide you all the details about the best jailbreak apps you can have in your iDevice to increase the performance.

Jailbreaking is a popular topic among all the Apple users in the world. Thus, jailbreaking apps are getting more engrossing. Thanks to Cydia you are given with so many apps for your jailbroken device and those help you to enlarge your device visibility in every aspect of its performance.


Activator has been the most vital app among the jailbreak apps. You can assign custom actions to gestures and button presses, add in custom events for 3D touch which allows you to change what happens when you press on icons or anywhere on the screen hard. Activator lets you informed by a message when certain event selected by you, occurs.


iPhone 6S and 6S plus are bundled with an amazing feature called 3D touch. When you hard press on an app icon, you get an action menu to take you to the specific parts of the app immediately. Amazing right? But it only works for iOS 9 and not for the lower versions. Thanks to RevealMenu all the iOS versions can bring up the Quick Action Menu once you short hold on an app icon.


iOS 9 has a new app switcher menu and it only works for them. Unlike it, SwitcherTweak allows you to customize your iOS by changing the page scroll direction, background blurring style, page blurring style, and modify the switcher size.


iFile gives you the whole management of your system files on your device at a root level. You can copy-paste, rename, change permission, or anything you want changes with your system files.


CCSettings gives you the benefit of customizing the settings and decide what actually needs to appear in the Control Center. So now with CCSettings, you can interchange the ones you don’t use the ones you use very often.


Since the jailbreak staple and customization app, Winterboard hasn’t been updated for iOS 9, Anemone does a great job in an alternative way to theme your device. So take the app and enjoy its magical ways to make your device eye-catching. You can adorn your device with different themes, customize icons and customize every aspect of your device.


With HideMe 8, you can hide anything you don’t like to see when you’re working. You can hide icons in the lock screen, hide and disable icons in control center, abolish different elements in the notification center, and hide any stock app you don’t use often.


The spotlight is an easy way to search for contacts, files, places and anything on your phone. But not everyone likes to be open up to others. So considering that SpotlightBeGone is specially made for those kinds of people to disable the spotlight. The spotlight will not be alive anymore.


If you’re annoyed by the messages and call from your ex or, your phone number once belong to someone who’s getting so many calls, now you can be free of them. iBlacklist gives you all the possibilities to customize your contact list so you can block any number with that. Blacklists, whitelists or any unknowns number can be blocked by the iBlacklist.


If you’re fed up of switching the conversations in iMessage threads, Merge is the best fit for you. It combines all the conversations for each contact into a single thread.

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